Saturday, November 10, 2007


knock! knock....!!! is saturday! oooo friday n saturday are not my good days for this week. because the word SICK. High fever on friday evening till this afternoon. can't blog or visit my fellow bloggers' Blog. But now my condition is getting better. so i can blog blog blog.......! visit my blog pal's blog.

Yo! check out this girl, i think she is a secondary school student. hahahaha what she did?? she is performing some stunts in the train to show-off i think!! but her stunt has gone wrong pretty bad. Muahahahahaaa........ GO GET AN EXPERT GIRL!!

Don't be nuts, or else......??????







-You'll be in ARON WONG DOT COM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMuahahaaaaa......


chrischam said...

Hahaha, the pics made me giggle!! wakakaa

kang yong said...

wow.... you so bad, just know to snap photo.. never think of get her up? haha... but it's funny too... what train you taking anyway? I wish I can watch too... =/

JJzai said...

The little girl are naughty,

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