Thursday, November 1, 2007


Tibetan Mastiff, also known as the Do-Khyi, was originally used as a herd and guard dog in Tibet.

Today this Mastiff is used primarily as a companion dog though it is still a great guard dog.

Tibetan Mastiff is a very intelligent and independent dogs leading them to sometimes do what they want instead of what they are told. They are very protective of their family and property and should be watched closely when meeting new people or animals. Extreme socialization of this breed is a necessity because of their strong instinct to guard. This dog responds well to kind words and calm training techniques.

Tibetan Mastiff has medium sized brown eyes, v- shaped ears that raise when alert, a square-shaped muzzle, and a wide, black nose with open nostrils. This dog does have a slight flew opening that may cause drooling. They have a medium length tail that is full of fur which may curl when alert. Their strong, muscular legs sit atop their cat-like feet which are small and compact with either black or white toe nails. This breed, like others, does have a double coat. The outer layer is long and thick and may be wavy while the undercoat is heavy and soft to help protect the dog from the cold weather. There are many color combinations that this dog may be: brown, black, and blue & grey with or without tan markings, sable or brindle. White markings may also appear on the feet and breast and tan markings may be on the eyes, muzzle, throat, legs, and under the tail.

This Mastiff breed is prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid conditions, skin problems, and ear infections.

Tibetan Mastiff are not well suited for apartment living because they like to climb and dig and tend to escape from enclosed areas if not properly built for this dog. They require regular exercise but should not be over worked. Due to their strong mindedness, this dog should not be a pet for a first time dog owner.

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