Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chicken and Cow Talk!!!!!!!!

Once apon a time, ermm..... in ahbeng's world means nin beh ka lu gong. a herd of cows had form a gang name "LEMBU_KINI". So the leader of the cow says we must cross the river other side to show them some PARRWERRRR(power). And let them know LEMBU_ KINI rocks. DONT Prayy Prayyyyy ahhhh!!!!! But as soon as they reached the bridge, there is 2 chickens blocking the way, those chickens are enjoying thier Pive star lunch. anyway both are Sister name Jolianne and Ging li. The Leader of the cow walk close to the chicken and says:-


little sis: Jieeeeee ahhh, jolianneeee jieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Eldersis: Yess?? My larling Ah liiiiii
little sis: Why the Cow gor gor so rude want jek?? no say "SIKIUS ME" or "PLEASE"
Eldersis: My larling Li! Dont bother about them!! come eat your lunch mommy say must eat more VEGETABLE!!!!!!
little sis: Ok! OK jieeeeee i eat.....
Eldersis: oooooo my larling sis, soooooooo cleber!!!! MUACKSSSSSSS u gao gao!!!!

The leader of the cow wait n wait n wait also no response sumore those chickens no time to FARK him. then the cow is very TULAN and ANGRY!!!!!!!!

Oiii!!!! Chicky MOOOVVVEE faster..Don't Pray pray!!!

WAHHH!!! This time the Elder sis of da chick (Jolianne) is DAMMM angry and TULAN. and reply to the COW:- Scroll down lahhhh



Special thanks to: JOANNE as ELDER SIS(JOLIANNE)


JoAn_Ne said...

Sei chai Aron ar... keep using my name to advertised on your blogs and now my mummy said:How dare u used my daughter name without my permission!!! Hahahaha sei meh... I DON'T CARE U OWE ME!!!

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.