Thursday, October 25, 2007


One sunny day, Ah beng, Ah seng, and Ah ling, where fighthing whose DADDY is the best.

Ah ling : Beng! benggggg ahhh, dear i wanna tell you sumthing:)

Ah beng : Yessss, Larling??? what u wanna tell me jek???

Ah seng : Oiiiii, ling why tell ah beng, what about me huiiii???

Ah ling : Ok lahhh!! tell u both lahh!!!! Tiawww!!!

Ahling : hey, tell both of u something, my papa horrr!!! means daddy ahhh! he is very, incredible errr! he can shoot an arrow, run after it, then hor he catch it with his bare hand ahhhhh!! my daddy so fast

Ah seng : Chech!!! like that oledi say incredible!!! my farder!! is sper(super) ah, like "Sperman", he shoot a gun, then run after the bullet, sumore he get infront of the bullet, and catch it with his bare hand, see my farder is faster then ur daddy errr

Ah beng : Muahahaha....... like that oledi wanna show-offuu! Nah listen carefurly(carefully) My Lao beh(father)... is Ultra u know!!!! He works for the city, he gets-off work at
5:00pm and he is home by 4.30pm!!!

Arrraaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! ok time to bed!!!

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