Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Is dinner time!! hahaha!! why am i so happy? because i like to eat! specially when my mom cook something i like most. Muahahahaaaa.....well just like to share my mom's special!

Spicy Sotong

Luncheon meat

Vege with some carrot on top(dont know the name)

Another View

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOoooooooooo!! So Nice.........


Rash said...

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Crystal aka Bing Qi Ling said...

Wow your mum is a chef? The dish all looks like those from restaurant :P

I have a fren used to say when you cook a dish if its good must make sure decorate it nicely else also no one will eat right?

Btw the dish you don't know the name if not mistaken is 'Kao Choi Fa' LoL

erinalaw said...

Mum is always the best. She is the greatest!!!!

Michael Song said...

u r one lucky man aron... always gotta eat homecooked... me missing my home cooked meals now... sob sob...

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